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Renovations, Repairs and Fences

​Aqua Pool and Spa can help arrange - 
  • Fiberglass Pool Renovation - Renew that Old Surface.*
  • Concrete Pool Re-Surface (with new fiberglass).*
  • Leaks and Leak Repairs.
  • Pool Fencing - new, replacement and fence repairs.
       (Glass and Metal)​ 
* Aqua Pool and Spa do not build swimming pools.

Surface Preparation                        Fiberglass and Fill Coat                  Top Coat                                          Completed with New Pool Light

Although not a moulded finish like a new fiberglass pool shell, a new fiberglass lining not only brings life back into an older pool, it extends the life of the pool for many years. This pool was completed in July 2021. Colour Athol Blue.

Completed with Water.jpeg
FG Water.jpg
Athol Blue.jpeg
Athol Blue 2.jpeg
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